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Ctrack Multi-Camera Solutions

Ctrack Multi Camera Solutions

Ctrack’s range of integrated multi-camera systems are designed to improve road safety and reduce insurance costs for commercial vehicles working within the road transport, logistics and rail sectors.


  • Mix of front-facing, near-side, off-side, rear-view cameras
  • Proximity sensors to warn of nearby cyclists, pedestrians, vehicles or fixed objects
  • IP67, IP69 and IP67K enclosure rating options
  • On-demand video request for downloading additional videos for any date and time


  • Prevent road accidents
  • Enhance driver behaviour
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Achieve health and safety compliance

A number of options are available to vehicle operators, combining the latest internal and external cameras, mobile digital video recorders (DVRs). These solutions are suitable for urban transport, 360o internal and external protection and reversing safety requirements, while bespoke solutions using DVR units for both four and eight cameras can be tailored to meet precise needs.

In particular, we have solutions made up of a near side and off side cameras, a rear camera and a 7-inch colour monitor with a choice of DVR unit. The in-cab monitor shows a live view to the driver from the respective camera when either the left or right indicator is flicked on or reverse gear engaged.

In addition, a side detection system using ultrasonic sensors provides warning not only for the driver to adjust their manoeuvre but also to make any adjacent cyclists aware of a turning vehicle. Meanwhile, a front corner detection system is also available to drive down costly repair bills and vehicle downtime from low speed bumps and scrapes.

Our range of external cameras includes models with IP67, IP69 and IP69K enclosure rating including robust steel casings along with aviation-style cabling and secure screw type connectors that achieve high levels of performance and protection. In addition, remote health check, using a wifi network at a depot or base, alerts of any potential problems to avoid unnecessary vehicle downtime and any loss of footage.


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