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PTO & Event Tracking

ctrack constructionWith PTO (Power Take Off) / Event tracking it is possible to have full visibility of additional vehicle-related activities and peripheral equipment activities.

There are a wide range of applications for standard and specialist vehicles to monitor and measure a variety of equipment including bin / skip lifts, emergency lights, gritting systems, tyre compressors, cranes, door opening / closing and safety equipment.


• Real-time tracking
• Vehicle equipment monitoring
• Historical usage reporting
• Live alerts for unauthorised use



• Proof of work
• Increased asset utilisation
• Improved health and safety
• Enhanced duty of care


PTO sensors integrate seamlessly with the onboard tracking unit and can capture data from a wide range of analogue and digital inputs. This Information is viewed via our tracking system and presented in a number of user-friendly reports and format, while alerts can be set up to notify of any unauthorised event or usage.

Product screen shots

 PTO-MapThumbnail    PTO-ReportThumbnail
Ctrack PTO Map View   Ctrack PTO Report

What our customers say

 East Riding

“We teamed up with Ctrack to make the most of our available assets and workforce to maximise service delivery, whilst delivering cost savings and measurable efficiencies.”

John Skidmore, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

 UBU Environmental

“The Ctrack system gives us that added visibility and control over our resources to best utilise our assets and workforce.”

Eddie Murphy, UBU Environmental


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