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PTO & Event Tracking

ctrack constructionWith PTO (Power Take Off) / Event tracking it is possible to have full visibility of additional vehicle-related activities and peripheral equipment activities.

There are a wide range of applications for standard and specialist vehicles to monitor and measure a variety of equipment including bin / skip lifts, emergency lights, gritting systems, tyre compressors, cranes, door opening / closing and safety equipment.


• Real-time tracking
• Vehicle equipment monitoring
• Historical usage reporting
• Live alerts for unauthorised use



• Proof of work
• Increased asset utilisation
• Improved health and safety
• Enhanced duty of care


PTO sensors integrate seamlessly with the onboard tracking unit and can capture data from a wide range of analogue and digital inputs. This Information is viewed via our tracking system and presented in a number of user-friendly reports and format, while alerts can be set up to notify of any unauthorised event or usage.

Product screen shots

 PTO-MapThumbnail    PTO-ReportThumbnail
Ctrack PTO Map View   Ctrack PTO Report


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