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Temperature Monitoring

ctrack time

Ctrack’s temperature monitoring system is suitable for all frozen, refrigerated and ambient requirements so you can operate a safe, dependable and efficient coolchain. It can be deployed on a range of vehicles, trailers and buildings to ensure temperature-controlled goods are handled correctly and remain in the right condition.


• Frozen, refrigerated and ambient monitoring
• Single and multi-compartmental solutions
• Wired and wireless tracking units
• Exception reporting with real-time alerts



• Achieve complete visibility of temperatures & humidity levels
• Address issues to avoid losses
• Proof of condition and delivery
• Increase efficiency and productive


Temperature monitoring uses sensors integrated with your wired or wireless tracking solution to deliver full visibility of temperature-controlled assets. With pre-set temperature and humidity levels, real-time alerts are triggered by out-of-range conditions, enabling you to immediately identify and address any issues within your operation.

Real-time and historical data provides peace of mind to customers that goods are being transported correctly with live monitoring and an accurate audit trail. Information can be viewed via our tracking system with dedicated reports and alert functionality. This combined with advanced vehicle and asset tracking will ensure a highly-effective and productive supply chain.

Product screen shots

     thumb thumb Ctrack Temperature Report
    Ctrack Temperature Report

What our customers say

 UBU Environmental

“The Ctrack system gives us that added visibility and control over our resources to best utilise our assets and workforce.”

Eddie Murphy, UBU Environmental

“The functionality and usability of the Ctrack system means it will meet our current and future needs to help drive productivity, completion of work and enable further Health and Safety benefits.”

David Cross, Severn Trent Water


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