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Compliance Management

Compliance Management
The model for reducing the levels of risk is essentially the same for all sizes and types of vehicle fleet.

Firstly, we audit and analyse the risks associated with your fleet, and using this information, we help eliminate risk factors, substitute them with a lower risk alternative, or manage the risk to reduce it to an acceptable level.

Where necessary we can also implement a driver training programme based around driver behaviour and findings of the risk analysis.

1. Review policy and audit fleet-related risks
2. Conduct Health & Safety questionnaires and risk assessments
3. Analyse telematics driver behaviour data
4. Target drivers with e.learning modules specific to areas requiring improvement
5. Reanalysis driver behaviour
6. Consideration of in-vehicle driver training
7. Maintain, monitor and review changes to achieve sustainable improvement

Working closely with our compliance partner Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) we deliver a solution that establishes a fleet safety culture across your business. It combines real-time driver behaviour data with a wide range of other data sources to better understand the risks facing your fleet and implement an effective risk reduction process.

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What our customers say

 Bell Group logo

“The Ctrack system has allowed us to address key fleet issues faced by the company.”

Ian Henderson, Bell Group


“We have used Ctrack’s systems for over five years and have been very happy with the results”

Paul Floyd, Goodyear Dunlop


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