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Ctrack Vehicle Tracking Survey

The Ctrack Vehicle Tracking Survey was conducted amongst 250 fleet influencers and decision makers within the UK who are responsible for car, van, truck or mixed fleet operations.

The survey is designed to provide insight into the uptake of vehicle tracking amongst UK-based businesses, how the technology is being used, what benefits are being achieved and what barriers are preventing more companies adopting a solution.

Key findings include:

  • Vehicle tracking is becoming a critical tool for many fleets, especially van and commercial vehicle operators, with more than 70% of those utilising the technology having used it for more than four years.
  • Fleet operators are achieving measurable cost efficiencies with significant reductions in fuel usage (8.6%), overtime claims (15.3%) and communications overheads (13.3%).
  • The reputation of the vehicle tracking industry in generally good according to 70% of respondents, but some concerns remain around the financially viability of providers, overselling and the reliability of the industry.
  • There is still a proportion of fleet operators not currently using vehicle tracking that are unconvinced about the potential benefits, but more than half of those yet to adopt the technology believe it can provide return on investment.
  • Fuel costs and pressures to reduce operational overheads are currently the key challenges for a large number of fleet operators, with many using vehicle tracking to help overcome these issues.


Ctrack Vehicle Tracking Brochure


Our 8 page e-brochure contains information on :

  • Ctrack Company & Financial Information
  • Benefits & Return on Investment - Case Studies
  • Highlights of Vehicle Tracking Survey & Customer References
  • Ctrack Online - Product Information
  • Modular Solutions - With Options Including:

The Ctrack e-brochure includes information on the following products:

Connected Navigation
Ctrack Plant, Asset & Trailer Tracking
Driver Identification
Driver Behaviour Indicator (DBI)
Lone Worker Solutions

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