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Lagan Cement Products bolsters transport operation with advanced vehicle tracking from Ctrack

Lagan Cement Products has adopted an advanced vehicle tracking solution from Ctrack, an Inseego company, to improve fleet productivity and analyse operational performance.

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The Northern Ireland-based company will use Ctrack Online to monitor a mixed fleet of 42 HGVs, vans, forklift trucks and barges to ensure that customer orders are fulfilled in timely, efficient and responsible manner.

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Peter Duffy Chooses Ctrack for Advanced Vehicle Tracking

Peter Duffy Limited, a civil engineering, utility and construction company based in Wakefield, Yorkshire, is adopting an advanced telematics solution from Ctrack across more than 160 vehicles within its fleet.

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  The company is using the web-based Ctrack Online tracking system to better monitor and control a mix of cars, vans, HGVs and specialist vehicles in order to make operational cost savings and improve road safety.

Ctrack Online is replacing an ageing tracking solution that no longer met the needs of the company in terms of functionality and availability. Peter Duffy Limited is now able to provide controlled access and effectively export data to both internal teams and customers, allowing it to make best use of the system. This is helping them to streamline business processes and achieve measurable operational improvements.

Peter Duffy Limited is already using the tracking tool’s sophisticated reporting package to schedule regular reports on a wide range of operational and driving parameters. They monitor fleet performance and identify areas of improvement - in particular unauthorised out-of-hours usage, excess idling and speeding. As a result, the company is able to engage with employees to encourage improved driver behaviour and ensure vehicles are operated within its strict business and Duty of Care guidelines.

Neil Duffy, Plant and Fleet Services Director at Peter Duffy Ltd commented:

“Ctrack Online is already contributing to business and operational improvements, particularly our fleet of vehicles that works within the utilities sector. As the system becomes embedded within our internal processes and procedures, we expect it to become an increasingly important tool that will help us achieve significant cost savings, health and safety improvements and reductions in carbon emissions.”

 John Wisdom, Managing Director of Ctrack said:

“Ctrack is the leading provider of vehicle tracking solutions to the utilities marketplace. This is because our systems deliver real advantage by enabling fleets of all sizes to address business critical performance issues as a result of greater operational visibility, control and efficiency. This is helping our customers to overcome some of the most common and difficult challenges they face in terms of fleet efficiency, productivity and Duty of Care.”


Anglian Water Expands Vehicle Tracking Solution with Ctrack after Improvements in Road Safety and Fleet Efficiency

Anglian Water has extended its vehicle tracking solution with Ctrack across a further 500 vans within its fleet having already achieved a host of benefits in terms of road safety, fuel efficiency and environmental responsibility.


A year after the initial 750 vehicles were fitted, the number of road accidents across Anglian Water’s commercial fleet operation had fallen by 14 per cent, while fuel efficiency improved by 10 per cent and carbon emissions dropped by 4 per cent.

The latest agreement, takes the total number of vehicles tracked by the Ctrack Online system to 1,750. Ctrack was originally appointed in 2014 to implement a web-based tracking solution across Anglian Water’s treatments, waterworks and waste water operations. This included the adoption of the Driver Behaviour Indicator (DBI), an in-vehicle device that alerts drivers to any infringements when on the road by displaying a series of traffic-light coloured warning lights.

Anglian Water uses Ctrack Online’s reporting tool to capture management information regarding driver performance and driving exceptions. This has enabled the company to identify areas of improvement and maximise its driver training initiative, resulting in an almost fifty per cent reduction in the number driver exceptions – such as speeding and harsh acceleration, braking and cornering – from 25 miles per event to 49 miles per event.
As part of the driver behaviour programme, Anglian Water also operates a zero tolerance to speeding, so a bespoke speed band reporting tool has been created to enable the company to monitor where any issues are occurring.

Ctrack will continue providing a consultative service to support the ongoing success of the vehicle tracking solution. A dedicated professional services team analyses all available data to provide guidance on how best to drive operational improvements and help realise maximum value. This has included monitoring vehicle usage to identify any areas of underutilisation, so Anglian Water can take steps to right size its operation or implement fleet rotation, which will he reduce costs and improve residual value.

Stewart Lightbody, Head of Fleet Services at Anglian Water commented:

“We have worked closely with Ctrack to develop an effective tracking solution that supports our commitment to Duty of Care. The safety of our staff, other road users and pedestrians in the areas we operate is our biggest priority, so we are delighted to see such positive changes to driver behaviour. Moving forward we are targeting a 25 per cent reduction in accidents as well further improvements in fuel efficiency.”

 John Wisdom, Managing Director of Ctrack said:

“We are using our expertise within the utilities marketplace to develop a highly effective partnership with Anglian Water. By understanding their business and operational priorities, we have been able to use our industry-leading tracking solution to help achieve significant improvements in terms of fleet safety, efficiency and utilisation.”


Ctrack Launches Vehicle Sharing Telematics Solutions

Ctrack has launched an advanced telematics solution to support vehicle sharing initiatives across the UK.


The company has developed a sophisticated tracking system that will help electronically and remotely manage the availability, access and usage of cars and vans for this emerging vehicle rental model.

The new solution will use Ctrack telematics units to provide all the necessary data capture and operational control. This can include an effective means of activating and accessing vehicles remotely – using RFID cards or a smartphone app – tracking their whereabouts and capturing journey data for accurate billing. Positioning data will also be able to be shared with mobile-or web-based booking and management tools to help customers identify the location and status of potential vehicle pool locations.

In addition, driver ID technology will allow organisations to effectively verify drivers based on approved lists and the latest member subscriptions, while driver behaviour feedback can be provided in real-time via an in-vehicle device or through a smartphone application. This will ensure peace of mind that cars and vans are being driven responsibly by approved people to achieve all legal and Duty of Care compliance.

John Wisdom, Managing Director of Ctrack commented:

“There is an increasing demand from businesses and consumers for short-term vehicle rental, where occasional use or access to a different vehicle type is temporarily required. However, there are clear difficulties in terms of how best to coordinate the availability, access and usage of such vehicles. We have used our longstanding expertise within the telematics sector to develop a solution that overcomes some of the challenges faced by vehicle sharing schemes and rental businesses.”

Acorn Analytical Services selects Ctrack for Advanced Vehicle Tracking

Acorn Analytical Services, an environmental and asbestos consultancy, has adopted an advanced vehicle tracking solution from Ctrack to control fleet insurance costs, manage working times and respond better to customers.


The company will use the web-based Ctrack Online telematics system to monitor a fleet of 15 cars and vans used by its team of engineers and consultants.

Acorn initially took the decision to install a tracking system following discussions with its motor fleet insurance partner about the best ways to manage claims costs and reduce annual premiums. The company undertook a detailed review of the telematics marketplace and selected Ctrack based on its ability to meet its precise requirements and offer best value for money. As a result, Acorn was able to choose a solution that would not only achieve insurance benefits, but also deliver added business and operational improvements.

Moving forward, Acorn will use Ctrack Online’s reporting tool to manage and verify timesheets and overtime claims, helping streamline payroll processes, reduce back-office administration and manage workforce overheads. Meanwhile, employees will use the Ctrack Mobi2 driver app, located on their smartphones, to switch between business and private mileage settings for added privacy when driving outside of working hours. This will also provide individual driver behaviour feedback and analysis, as well as route planning functionality with distance, travel time and directions.

Elsewhere, Ctrack Online will enable Acorn to enhance service levels by better responding to customer needs. In particular, the company will have the ability to identify the nearest and most appropriate engineer for emergency call-outs from its head office in Leeds and use traffic overlays to calculate accurate journey times. This will help Acorn to provide a high-quality service in an efficient and timely manner, while its customers can receive real-time updates for added visibility and peace of mind.

Stephen McGlone, Operations Director at Acorn Analytical Services commented:

“We are continually looking to adopt best practice processes and leading technology solutions in order to achieve the highest levels of performance, innovation and customer service. Working in partnership with Ctrack, we have developed a vehicle tracking system that will become an essential tool for our business and help maintain quality across our operation.”

John Wisdom, Managing Director of Ctrack commented:

“Our extensive range of tracking solutions are delivering real advantage by enabling fleets of all sizes to address business critical performance issues as a result of greater operational visibility, control and efficiency. As a result, we have become partner of choice for a wide range of private and public sector customers, helping overcome some of the most common and difficult challenges they face.”

To find out more about Ctrack Fleet Tracking or our Insurance Telematics please leave your contact details and we will give you a call back.



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