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New RFID tracking solution for high-value goods

Ctrack has teamed up with Mega Fortris, a specialist designer and manufacturer of security seals, to develop a RFID tracking solution for high-value goods.

Ctrack Mega FortisISIS (Integrated Security Intelligent Solution) will provide high levels of protection and added peace of mind to companies that transport cash or other valuable cargos such as precious metals, oil, chemicals, art and expensive wines. The asset tracking solution, combining Mega Fortris’ RFID-enable security seals and Ctrack’s fleet management and tracking technology, will initially be launched in Asia before being rolled out globally during 2013.

ISSIS will use active RFID tags that communicate directly with the Ctrack tracking unit installed in a vehicle. Unique ID numbers will enable individual tags to be traced on the ISIS Inventory system that will operate alongside the Ctrack Online or Ctrack MaXx tracking solution providing real-time visibility of cargo and vehicles. Meanwhile, companies can also use the solution to plan, load, tag, reconcile and track cargo during transit through to final delivery, as well as issue instant proof of delivery to customers.

Cash in Transit (CIT), high value goods such as art, expensive wines or other discerning assets can be tracked individually in their case or packaging, giving an additional level of security and tracking on-top of Ctrack’s current bespoke fleet management solution.

“ISIS is able to extend its offering to a host of other industries, such as pharmaceutical and medical industries who need to track temperature sensitive products like life-saving organs for transplant during its transportation,” said Mark Rousseau, Chief Operating Officer of Ctrack. “Should temperatures drop to a certain level within the tote-box, an alarm triggers and immediate action to remedy can be taken to save the sensitive content.”

Adrian Ng, Group Managing Director Mega Fortris Group commented: “we are very excited by ISIS and what it will deliver to customers who have been asking us to provide a solution beyond simple security seals or GPS tracking. Going forward our customers can offer their customers value added services in real time because of ISIS.”


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