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Dampneys Deploys Ctrack Vehicle Tracking

Dampneys transports 150,000 tonnes of biosolids annually from thirteen sewage treatment works operated by Wessex Water to up to 250 farms within Hampshire, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and Avon. The company’s fleet of fourteen vehicles – made up of heavy goods vehicles, vans, tractors and spreading units – are fitted with Ctrack’s vehicle tracking system to provide added visibility and control over assets that operate across a wide geographic area.


  • Real-time positioning
  • Geozone alerting
  • Driver scheduling
  • Historical reporting
  • Reduced vehicle downtime
  • Enhanced customer aervice
  • WTD Compliance
  • Operational insight

Visibility & Control

Ctrack allows Dampneys to see what is happening with mobile assets and employees across a wide area. Creating zones, the company can receive alerts when vehicles reach certain areas or destinations to monitor loads and ensure the correct deliveries are made. In addition, access real-time positioning means the company can now remove unnecessary vehicle downtime.

Customer Service

Using the Ctrack system has strengthened the relationship with Wessex Water, a company that already utilises tracking technology for its mobile service teams. Dampneys can now provide valuable management information to Wessex Water and give access to real-time data regarding collections and deliveries.

Employee Management

Ctrack has enabled Dampneys to better manage mobile employees by monitoring productivity and maximising working hours. The company operates seven days a week, so it is important to balance effective scheduling with compliance of the Working Time Directive. Ctrack helps the company develop and manage driver rotas, whilst avoiding any costly fines or penalties.

Historical Reporting

Ctrack provides historical reporting that provides a useful overview and insight into the performance of its business. By monitoring information such as recent work history and mileage, Dampneys can identify areas of underperformance and cut out inefficiency within its fleet operation.

" What our customers say "

"Ctrack gives our business a competitive advantage by providing greater levels of control over our fleet operation. As a result, we have been able to improve the performance of our vehicles when they are on the road to achieve fleet efficiencies and improve the levels of service we provide our customers."

Hugh Dampney, Dampneys


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