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Industrial Door Engineering awards vehicle tracking contract to Ctrack

Industrial Door Engineering Ltd, the Cheshire-based manufacturer of quality industrial doors and leading 24-hour emergency door repair service, has awarded a five-year contract extension to Ctrack. Under the agreement, the company will continue to use Ctrack’s advanced vehicle tracking across 18 cars and vans to better manage, allocate and protect its mobile resources. The system has already achieved annual savings of £21,000 from improved timesheet verification, as well as lowering fuel usage, increasing vehicle security and enhancing customer service.

Industrial Door Engineering

The live tracking solution has enabled Industrial Door Engineering to view the exact location and status of its fleet to support operational decision making and better respond to incoming work and emergency requests. In particular, the company can instantly identify and dispatch the nearest and most appropriate mobile engineer to a job, whilst keeping customers up-to-date with expected times of arrival and real-time progress reports.

Meanwhile, the ability to produce automated activity reports has allowed Industrial Door Engineering’s management team to monitor and correctly calculate working hours. This has helped streamline and automate time-consuming payroll and administrative processes, as well as accurately verify overtime claims, resulting in savings of around £21,000 each year.

Ctrack has also provided added security and protection to vehicles and mobile workers that operate across a large geographic area. On two occasions stolen vehicles have been tracked and recovered using the tracking tool, preventing considerable financial costs and minimising the operational disruption to the business.

Martin Burke, Managing Director, Industrial Door Engineering Ltd commented: "The Ctrack system has delivered an effective means of managing our fleet and reducing cost, whilst becoming a key part of our customer service offering. With the added visibility and control it has helped boost operational performance and replace previously manual reporting processes. We have worked closely with Ctrack over the past 13 years to take advantage of their advanced vehicle tracking technology and look forward to strengthening the relationship moving forward.”

John Wisdom, Managing Director of Ctrack said: “We are committed to helping our customers embed our tracking technology into their internal processes to deliver measurable benefits and rapid return on investment. Companies such as Industrial Door Engineering are using our system to enhance their fleet management and keep operational costs under control.”



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