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Stolen van recovered in less than an hour using Ctrack Online Vehicle Tracking

Stolen van recovered in less than an hour using Ctrack Online Vehicle Tracking - Ctrack’s online vehicle tracking tool provides easy mechanism for identifying stolen vehicles

                                                                                                                      TMS-Ctrack Vehicle TrackingNottinghamshire-based Traffic Management Services has used an advanced vehicle tracking system to recover an £11,000 van that had been snatched by thieves. The company was able to pinpoint the exact location of the liveried vehicle using the tool from Ctrack and liaise directly with the Police to organise its safe return in less than an hour.

The van was taken from a work site south of Warsop on the A60 and driven to a location in nearby Shirebrook. The theft was immediately reported to the Police and then office-based employees at Traffic Management Services’ headquarters in Retford were able to access the Ctrack system and monitor the position of the vehicle live on screen. This information was passed onto the Police and the company was quickly able to recover the vehicle.

Clive Hewgill, Managing Director of Traffic Management Services commented: “The safe return of the vehicle has not only saved the company of an excess loss of £1,000 in insurance, but also helped us avoid considerable disruption to our operation. We adopted the tracking system from Ctrack to enhance the safety and performance of our vehicle fleet, so this incident demonstrates the value it is providing.” Click to know about Ctrack Online Vehicle Tracking.

John Wisdom, Managing Director of Ctrack said: “Vehicle theft remains a major challenge with UK businesses paying millions of pounds each years in direct and associated costs as a result of this kind of crime. Tracking does offer an effective means of protecting valuable assets by knowing the location and status of vehicles at all times.”


Ctrack helps to locate a stolen van and recover it less than an hour. With their amazingly advanced vehicle tracking tool, they could not only find the van, but also report it to the police as well.



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