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Sun Traffic Signals extends with Ctrack after £40,000 savings

Over £1,100 saving per vehicle per year using advanced vehicle tracking.

Sun Traffic Signals, a traffic management and control specialist, has achieved annual savings of more than £40,000 using an advanced vehicle tracking solution from Ctrack.

filepopup79Sun Traffic Signals has extended its contract with Ctrack for a further two yearsAs a result, the company has extended its contract with Ctrack for a further two years across 36 vans and commercial vehicles to continue to take advantage of the benefits the technology provides.

The Ctrack system is used to better manage Sun Traffic's fleet of vehicles operating out of seven depots from its head office in Somerton, Somerset. The company's central service team uses the tracking tool to identify the nearest vehicle to an incoming job, reducing mileage and improving customer response times. By enhancing the job allocation process Sun Traffic has been able to make fuel savings of over £15,000 a year, whilst reducing administrative and communication costs by a further £5,000.

Sun Traffic has also made annual savings of approximately £20,000 by verifying time sheets and overtime claims using the Ctrack system across its mobile workforce. Meanwhile, the company has been able to use real-time and historical operational data to resolve customer enquiries and provide proof of work.

Roger Player, Managing Director of Sun Traffic Signals, commented: "Since the launch of the business at the beginning of the 1990s, we have been committed to pioneering the latest technology. The company was an early adopter of vehicle tracking in order to reduce costs, improve work planning and deliver best service to clients, and it has since become an essential tool. We have worked closely with Ctrack to develop a solution that meets our precise needs and provide tangible return on investment."

John Wisdom, Managing Director at Ctrack, said: "Our proven vehicle tracking systems delivers a range of benefits to enable fleet operators to reduce costs, increase productivity and boost overall performance. This is why an increasing number of businesses are teaming up with Ctrack to take advantage of our fleet and resource management solutions."

About Sun Traffic Signals

Sun Traffic Signals Ltd have been providing a safe, specialist Traffic Light Hire, Traffic Safety & Road Traffic Management Traffic Management service throughout the UK since 1991.

Thanks to their huge experience, well-run depot network and in-house training centre, their clients enjoy a no-fuss service with a modern hire fleet of both Cable-less (battery powered) and Diesel powered Temporary Traffic Lights.

Since 2000, they have been industry leaders in the use of state-of-the-art, Cable-less Traffic Lights, a standard others now (try to) follow! More recently they have added solar powered, colour variable message signs & traffic management training services to their portfolio of traffic-related services.



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