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TrainingCtrack offers a range of training programmes to enable you to gain more from your telematics investment. Onsite workshops and remote training services provide a useful and practical solution that enables employees to take full advantage of the rich functionality of our tracking system and embed Ctrack into your business processes.

We provide a comprehensive electronic version of the User Reference Manual embedded within the user interface which can be accessed via the Help menu. Paper copies of the User Manual will be supplied in line with customer requirements.

The Ctrack tracking solution is one of the most user friendly vehicle location systems on the market, being primarily ‘icon’ driven. Nevertheless full training and support always forms a key part of our solution for customers to enable them to ensure that the appropriate individuals are able to take full advantage the rich functionality the system offers.

We also offer a “train-the-trainer” solution whereby a number of key “system champions” are trained to provide user training across all your personnel. This gives you training self-sufficiency and a more cost effective way of delivering the system training to large numbers of client personnel. The same “system champions” can also then act as first line support within the client organisation and provide an initial filter for support calls.


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