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Asset Tracking


Ctrack Wireless is a portable, battery-powered tracking system to help manage, utilise and protect all types of powered and unpowered assets. Keeping track of resources that are constantly on the move has always been a challenge for businesses, especially when they possess no power source.

Ctrack Wireless supports the tracking of a wide range of vehicles, assets and equipment including trailers, containers, plant machinery, palletised loads, rental vehicles, high-value cargo, boats, caravans and motorcycles.


• Real time visibility of assets
• Operating hours and asset usage reporting
• Battery back-up with anti-tamper and motion sensor technology 
• Real-time alerts via email and SMS for Geofence breaches and unauthorised usage            
• IP67 Rated solutions suitable for use in harsh environments



• Achieve superior security, safety and protection of assets
• Optimise workforce, assets and equipment
• Enhance visibility and operational control
• Proactive maintenance scheduling
• Reduce costs – theft, insurance, maintenance and utilisation

Ctrack Wireless requires no installation and is available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable versions. Long-life power management technology and a flexible configuration will ensure low consumption with up to three years of tracking use.

Ctrack Wireless offers an ideal solution to protect mobile assets against the threat of theft, with the tracking unit possessing motion sensor to detect any unauthorised movement. The compact and robust design means it can be concealed out of sight in the smallest of places and comes supplied with an advanced casing with IP67 protection classification, ensuring protection from water and dust.

Ctrack Wireless can be used as a standalone tool or part of a wider tracking solution, with real-time and historical data viewed via the web-based Ctrack Online system or the Mobi2 Ctrack’s mobile application. Reports are available to schedule automatically on a recurring basis covering location, activity, utilisation and maintenance.

Battery monitoring and daily health check reporting ensures that you are immediately warned when battery levels are low. Meanwhile, simple and configurable reporting settings and sleep modes provide a tailored solution to meet precise monitoring needs whilst maximising battery life.


Product screen shots

 thumb thumb Ctrack - Asset Tracking Map View - 1 2    thumb thumb Ctrack - Asset Operating Hours Report - 2
Ctrack - Asset Tracking Map View   Ctrack - Asset Operating Hours Report

What our customers say


“The Ctrack system has provided us with added visibility and control over our vehicles and plant equipment.”

Jason Gallagher, Quattro Group


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