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Plant & Equipment Tracking

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Ctrack Visibility over plant and equipment is essential to prevent unauthorised usage and protect against theft. Advanced monitoring enables operators to have a real-time overview of all assets that can enhance management control, pro-active maintenance scheduling, billing and security.


  • Wireless unit for live tracking
  • Long-life power management and transport mode
  • Usage reporting and operational alerts
  • Anti-theft and-tamper technology


  • Enhance visibility and operational control
  • Proactive maintenance scheduling
  • Gain accurate billing data
  • Reduce unauthorised usage
  • Added protection of assets

Plant and equipment is typically serviced by the hours of operation, with the warranty conditional on regular servicing at recommended intervals, so maintenance forecasting and scheduling can be both time consuming and costly. With this in mind, the Ctrack solution has been designed to capture accurate usage data and generate alerts to enable companies to automate and streamline this process. This information can also be used to measure exact usage to support highly accurate billing or allocation to cost centres as well as identify any unexpected or unauthorised usage.


Theft of plant and equipment is a constant risk and results in considerable added costs and operational disruption. Therefore, our tracking solution incorporates anti-theft and-tamper functionality to detect and report any potential threats. This includes the ability to identify any attempts to interfere with the battery or jam the GPS or GSM signals, whilst an in-built motion detector and configurable geo-zones will notify of any unauthorised movements outside of approved areas.

Product Screen Shots

 thumb thumb Ctrack Plant Tracking Map View 1    thumb thumb thumb Ctrack Plant Operating Hours Report 2
Ctrack Plant Tracking Map View   Ctrack Plant Operating Hours Report

What our customers say


“The Ctrack system has provided us with added visibility and control over our vehicles and plant equipment.”

Jason Gallagher, Quattro Group

 Sun Traffic Signals

“We have worked closely with Ctrack to develop a solution that meets our precise needs and provides tangible return on investment.”

Roger Player, Sun Traffic Signals


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