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Driver Performance Solutions

Improving the way your employees drive will have a considerable impact on your organisation in terms of reducing costs such as fuel expenditure, insurance and wear and tear, whilst enhancing levels of operational efficiency, environmental responsibility and duty of care. Moreover, positive driving behaviour can help achieve better public perception of your business and prevent costly damage to its corporate image.

ctrack dbi


  •  Driver performance reporting by individual and groups of employees
  • Simple and easy to use ranking system to identify areas of underperformance
  • User defined weighting to reflect fleet priorities
  • In-vehicle device that alerts drivers to any infringements or exceptions
  • Compliance management and reporting services


  • Improve miles per gallon (MPG) & lower fuel bills
  • Reduce carbon emissions & environmental impact
  • Improve driver safety & reduce accident rates
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Reduce fleet administration & vehicle maintenance costs
  • Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility & Duty of Care

Ctrack has developed a number of solutions designed to help you to improve the driving behaviour and techniques of employees. Our driver monitor solutions analyse harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and even travelling too quickly over speed humps, as well as speeding and excess idling.

Driver Performance League Tables

Our Driver League Table Reporting allows you to very quickly and easily compare driving performance by individual and groups of employees. This enables you to effectively identify the best and worst performing parts of the business along with areas of improvement. As a result, underperforming drivers can be targeted with appropriate training, whilst the league tables can be used to support driver incentive and reward schemes to boost employee engagement.

Driver Behaviour Indicator (DBI)

Driver Behaviour Indicator (DBI) is an optional in-vehicle device that alerts drivers to any infringements when on the road by displaying a series of traffic-light coloured warning lights. The DBI unit warns of any driving exceptions to encourage improved behaviour behind the wheel.


Green, amber and red lights display a cumulative number of warnings while a sustained period of responsible driving will enable a driver to clear the lights. The device is linked to an advanced vehicle tracking system that includes a three-axis accelerometer that accurately identifies and records driving events and excessive behaviour.

Employees are placed in the Green, Yellow or Red Band for each exception based on their driving performance, with an overall score calculated to enable a simple ranking system. The bands can be user defined providing increased flexibility and the ability to tailor the report to match changing requirements and better reflect type of vehicles and operation as well key fleet priorities. For example, giving a higher weighting to harsh acceleration if fuel reduction is the key concern.

CANBus Solutions

Our CANTouch enables fleet operators to extract CANBus data from HGVs, vans and cars to gain valuable insight into fuel consumption and driver behaviour. This innovative tool captures a wide range of data including trip MPG, average MPG, RPM and odometer reading to support highly-accurate reporting of a vehicle’s performance.

Compliance Management

We have teamed up with Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) to integrate its advanced vehicle tracking systems with the company’s award-winning fleet compliance solution. This solution combines real-time driver behaviour data with a wide range of other data sources including automated licence checks, online risk assessments, maintenance audits and claims data to identify potential risks and recommend the necessary course of action.

Product screen shots

 thumb thumb Ctrack Driver Performance Dashboard 1    thumb thumb Ctrack Driver Performance Report - 2
Ctrack Driver Performance Dashboard   Ctrack Driver Performance Report

What our customers say

 Sandy Clare Financial Director of James Frew

“The Ctrack solution has become an essential part of this programme, helping us to reduce costs by almost 30 per cent, and we expect to make further associated fleet savings as the system becomes further embedded in our operation.”

Sandy Clare, Financial Director of James Frew:


“After trialling three options we feel that Ctrack Online provides a solution that combines ease of use with added functionality and an advanced reporting package. As a result, we will gain greater insight into the performance of our drivers and vehicles to target efficiency savings and other operational improvements.”

Richard Fry, Deputy Managing Director, Framptons Transport Services


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