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Many leading UK companies are already choosing Ctrack to enhance fleet management and gain valuable business insight.

Combining advanced, real-time vehicle tracking with powerful analytical software, our Ctrack MaXx fleet management software is one of the most sophisticated business analysis packages available in the marketplace. Not only does the system enable companies to better manage their fleet operations through improved visibility and control, but it also unlocks valuable business knowledge that can be utilised to implement further cost-effective measures.




  • Unlock business intelligence
  • Save time and money
  • Boost business and operational performance
  • Support business transformation & change
  • Management

Using the Ctrack MaXx fleet management solution, companies can gain valuable insight into the needs and challenges of their business by understanding all aspects of fleet, driver and vehicle activity. This in-depth analysis can identify areas of improvement that can save both time and money, as well as boost business and operational performance.

More than 85 different reports can be generated, scheduled and issued, with a range of flexible delivery options and easy to understand graph and table formats. This enables operational data to be effectively analysed, so critical business intelligence can be quickly shared across an organisation. In addition, a top-level overview of key performance areas using an intelligent dashboard application drills down to whatever level of detail is required, while journey replays offer analysis of specific vehicle movements.

Electronically capturing data and automating the reporting processes can effectively streamline the management of individual department budgets and cost centres. Meanwhile, creating business groups and cost centres to partition employees, vehicles and system users allows you to mirror the hierarchical and operational structure of your organisation.

 Ctrack MaXx Map View 1    thumb Ctrack MaXx Replay 2
Ctrack MaXx Map View   Ctrack MaXx Journey Replay

What our customers say

  Bell Group logo

“The Ctrack system has allowed us to address key fleet issues faced by the company.”

Ian Henderson, Bell Group


“We adopted the Ctrack solution as part of our commitment to providing an efficient, effective and responsible service to our customers.”

Paul Floyd, Goodyear Dunlop


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