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Vehicle Tracking Integrated Navigation & Communication Solution

Ctrack cCom is an in-vehicle, two-way messaging and task dispatch tool, with a touch screen and integrated satellite navigation, which improves communication and coordination of mobile employees.

This easy-to-use onboard device integrates directly with Ctrack's vehicle tracking systems to improve information sharing, operational efficiency and customer service.

Driver Communication

  • Instant two-way messaging between the driver and the office using free text or pre-defined messages via GPRS communications.
  • Voice calling to and from cCom with the ability to restrict communications with predefined numbers, approved call lists and maximum call time to reduce costs.

Responsible Driving

  • Send audible, automated alerts to cCom to warn about driving behavior such as speeding.
  • To avoid driver distraction, the Speed Safety Lock prevents interaction with cCom until the vehicle is stationary.
  • Hands-free voice calling ensures that drivers act in a safe, responsible and legally compliant manner.

Workflow Management

  • Live driver updates from a list of predefined statuses to enable schedulers to better understand the availability of mobile resources.
  • Identify nearest vehicles to a job based on status, skill set or available time and dispatch appropriate employee via cCom with automatic route calculation once task or job is accepted.
  • Navigate drivers to a Point of Interest, address or another vehicle once a job or task has been accepted to reduce mileage and minimise journey time.
  • Integrate cCom with a third-party planning and scheduling tool to the job allocation process.



What our customers say

 UBU Environmental

“The Ctrack system gives us that added visibility and control over our resources to best utilise our assets and workforce.”

Eddie Murphy, UBU Environmental


"Ctrack gives our business a competitive advantage by providing greater levels of control over our fleet operation."

Hugh Dampney, Dampneys


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