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The customer is at the forefront of any service organisation, so it is essential to understand the whereabouts and status of mobile workers to respond best to incoming job requirements, manage planned work schedules and achieve service level agreements. Speed, quality, efficiency, accountability and control are key factors if service operations are to meet customer expectations in a flexible, compliant and cost effective manner.


• Driver behaviour monitoring 
Business vs private mileage 
• Lone worker protection
• Driver dispatch
Connected navigation                    

• Enhance customer service
• Proof of work and timesheet verification
• Reduce costs including fuel
• Achieve legislative compliance
• Reduce insurance premiums                  

Ctrack’s vehicle tracking solutions deliver the essential real-time data and knowledge that helps service-led businesses to proactively manage a live situation as they occur, whether this means reallocating resources if everything is not going according to schedule, or identifying which mobile employee is nearest and appropriately skilled when a critical call is received from a customer.

Connected navigation enables service organisations to work smarter to improve efficiency, achieve more jobs per day and enhance customer response times. Our easy-to-use, onboard device not only provides two-way messaging and task dispatch to optimise operational processes such as job allocation and proof of delivery, but also offers integrated satellite navigation to help employees reach customer and work appointments quickly and effectively.

Protecting mobile employees when they working in places or circumstances that put them at potential risk is an important element of any service operation. Our lone worker solutions have been developed to enable organisations to quickly respond to any situation and best protect remotely-based teams. This includes personal tracking, geo fencing, panic alarms and proactive monitoring to ensure safety legislation is adhered to and duty of care obligations are fulfilled.

Product screen shots

 thumb thumb Ctrack Find My Closest Vehicle Feature 1    thumb thumb Ctrack Vehicle Utilisation Report 2
Ctrack Find My Closest Vehicle Feature   Ctrack Vehicle Utilisation Report

What our customers say

 Network Catering Engineers

“Working closely with Ctrack we have been able to develop an effective solution that will meet our precise needs.”

Jed Hodgkins, Network Catering Engineers

 Industrial Door Engineering

"The Ctrack system has delivered an effective means of managing our fleet and reducing cost, whilst becoming a key part of our customer service offering.”

Martin Burke, Industrial Door Engineering Ltd


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