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Waste Management

Vehicle Tracking Waste Management

The collection, transport, processing and disposal of waste is a costly and time-consuming process that uses specialist vehicles and requires high levels of monitoring and management.

Companies within this sector are under significant pressure to reduce costs, provide high levels of service and ensure enhanced duty of care across their operation, so Ctrack has developed advanced tracking solutions that ensure optimised performance, unrivalled visibility and added control.


• Driver behavior monitoring
• Proof of work
• PTO / Event tracking
• Routing and scheduling
• Accident management         



• Reduce Fuel usage
• Timesheet and overtime verification
• Meet service level agreements
• Enhance duty of care
• Reduce accident and insurance costs

Fuel management is a major challenge for the waste management sector, as many specialist vehicles have extremely low fuel efficiency. Using our vehicle tracking system, operators can monitor and capture real-time movements to ensure vehicles are driven efficiently and remain on-route, minimising mileage and limiting fuel usage.

Our PTO (Power Take Off) tracking makes it is possible to have full visibility of vehicle equipment activity such as bin lifts to measure productivity and usage. This not only provides precise data regarding work completion, missed collections and proof of tipping to confirm that service level agreements are being met, but also ensure that refuse and waste management vehicles are being operated safely and responsibly.

We can also streamline accident management by providing access to accurate historical data detailing all vehicle movements. This information – including location, speed, direction and g-force – can assist in the investigation of any incidents involving specialist vehicles and protect operators and their employees against fraudulent claims.


Product screen shots

 thumb thumb Ctrack Bin Lift Map View    thumb thumb Ctrack Bin Lift PTO Report
Ctrack Bin Lift Map View   Ctrack Bin Lift PTO Report

What our customers say


“Having complete visibility of our fleet helps us to accurately measure vehicle usage, so we are able to operate a high quality fleet in safe, efficient and profitable manner. The Ctrack system meets our precise needs in terms simplicity and functionality, as well as enabling us to deliver added value to our customers.”

Dave Spence, Commercial Director, Noblet Municipal Services
 UBU Environmental

“The Ctrack system gives us that added visibility and control over our resources to best utilise our assets and workforce.”

Eddie Murphy, UBU Environmental


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