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Car Sharing


Ctrack provides a unique technology enabler for car sharing initiatives. This innovative and emerging car rental model, where drivers have an occasional or short-term requirement of a vehicle, need to be supported by sophisticated telematics systems to electronically and remotely manage availability, access and usage.


• Real-time vehicle tracking for owners and customers
• Vehicle usage reporting
• Driver ID and Behaviour monitoring
• Access control and vehicle activation



• Remote management and control
• Accurate billing
• Legal and Duty of Care compliance
• Integrated fleet booking and management

Ctrack’s hardwired or plugin telematics units provide all the necessary data capture and control to professionally operate a car sharing service. It provides an effective means of activating vehicles remotely, tracking their whereabouts and capturing journey data for accurate billing. It can also help customers to identify the location and status of potential car pool locations.

Meanwhile, driver ID technology can allow you to effectively verify drivers based on approved lists and the latest member subscriptions, while driver behaviour feedback can be provide in real-time via an in-vehicle device or through a smartphone application. This ensures peace of mind that cars are being driven responsibly by approved people to achieve all legal and Duty of Care compliance.

Access control can use either RFID cards or smartphone app to allow locking and unlocking. Our solution can also include all in-vehicle requirements as well API-integration to support your own booking portals. We can even help with any mobile app requirements through our approved development partners to create an integrated booking and management tool.


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