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Gully Suckers


Gully maintenance programmes represent a significant challenge for local councils, with often many thousand in a single area that need to be checked to prevent flooding and road disruption. Ctrack has developed a dedicated tracking system that supports the regular inspection, cleaning and repair of gullies in an effective and efficient manner.


   In-cab device to capture live activity and status
   Real-time visibility with dedicated reporting package
•   Upload locations of drains to support planning and monitoring

•   Proof of work
   Reduced administration
   Optimisation of resources

The gully sucker solution includes a specially-developed in-cab device to log activity output and the status of storm drains. This allow maintenance teams to record at the press of a button when a drain has been inspected, what action was taken and whether any blockages or damage remain. As a result, office-based planners, supervisors and managers are able to monitor activity in real-time using the web-based tracking software system to have a complete overview of what is happening on the ground.

Suitable for Whale gully suckers and tankers


Using the dedicated reporting package, users are able to provide accurate proof of work and access to complete audit trails, while quickly accessing an overview of unresolved issues to effectively schedule work outstanding requirements. By capturing operational data electronically, it is possible to eliminate paperwork and automate previously manual processes to reduce the administrative burden. Meanwhile, the added insight can be used to support strategic planning around preventative action and asset optimisation.

Product Screen Shots

Gully Sucker Detail Report


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