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HGV - Heavy Good Vehicles Tracking

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Ctrack provides an effective tracking solution for HGVs that helps to deliver complete visibility and control over trucks and trailers. This enables commercial vehicle operators to drive down operating costs such as fuel expenditure as well as meet regulatory compliance and enhance fleet performance.


• Driver Behaviour monitoring
• CANbus integration
• Trailer and asset tracking
• Accident management
• Stolen vehicle and asset recovery                         

• Reduce costs including fuel
• Monitor driver / working hours
• Streamline vehicle maintenance
• Minimise insurance costs
• Enhance duty of care                        

Ctrack’s warranty-friendly CANbus solution provides understanding into performance, fuel consumption and usage of a vehicle to effectively identify areas of improvement and minimise environmental impact. It enables fleet operators to report on a wide range of information including fuel consumption (MPG), revolutions per minute (RPM) and odometer reading (ODO).

Our driver behaviour tools include our Driver Behaviour Indicator (DBI),an in-vehicle device that alerts drivers to any infringements when on the road by displaying a series of traffic-light coloured warning lights. These tools help monitor and manage how drivers are performing and using the vehicles to reduce costs such as fuel expenditure, insurance and wear and tear, whilst enhancing levels of operational efficiency, environmental responsibility and duty of care.

Meanwhile, our trailer tracking solution uses a rechargeable battery-powered unit that possesses long-life power management technology and is powered via the suzie connector when coupled to a tractor unit and in transit. It enables maximum utilisation of trailers by quickly identifying idle assets that are not being used within your operation to increase both productivity and profitability, whilst also supporting effective maintenance scheduling and enhanced protection against theft.

Product screen shots

 thumb thumb Ctrack HGV Trailer Map View    thumb Ctrack Fuel Usage and MPG Report
Ctrack HGV Trailer Map View   Ctrack Fuel Usage and MPG Report

What our customers say


“After trialling three options we feel that Ctrack Online provides a solution that combines ease of use with added functionality and an advanced reporting package. As a result, we will gain greater insight into the performance of our drivers and vehicles to target efficiency savings and other operational improvements.”

Richard Fry, Deputy Managing Director, Framptons Transport Services

 PA Wright  Son

“The Ctrack systems provide a tracking solution that possesses the flexibility and simplicity of an online tool with business intelligence capabilities of an advanced server-based solution.”

Robert Wright, PA Wright & Sons


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