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Refuse Collection


Ctrack’s dedicated refuse collection tracking system is suitable for many of the leading refuse collection vehicle (RCV) manufacturers including Dennis Eagle, Faun and Zoeller. This advanced solution delivers high levels of monitoring and control to optimise the collection, transport, processing and disposal of waste


   Complete visibility and control
   Monitor bin-lifts and warning lights
   Two-way messaging and communications
   Advanced accident management

   Reduced fuel consumption
   Enhanced health and safety
   Comply with service level agreements
   Protect against fraudulent claims          

Using the Ctrack system, it is possible to have complete visibility over driver behaviour, routing and fuel consumption to have peace of mind that RCVs are being operated efficiently and effectively. Meanwhile, PTO sensors allow for full visibility of RCV equipment including bin lifts and warning lights to measure productivity and monitor safety procedures.

Taking advantage of our tablet-based integrated navigation and messaging solution it is possible to communicate directly with refuse collection teams regarding special instructions and assisted collections. Drivers can use pre-defined responses as well as accept or decline ad hoc waste management requirements.

Suitable for many RCV manufacturers including Dennis Eagle, Faun and Zoeller

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Monitor the exact position and movements of RCVs to better manage risk and ensure that remote teams are complying with strict health and safety protocols when operating on busy roads. Meanwhile, streamline accident management by having access to accurate vehicle data that can assist in the investigation of an actual or alleged incident, protecting local authorities and contractors against fraudulent claims.

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