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Specialist Vehicle Tracking

Specialist Vehicle 2Ctrack is the ideal partner to provide advanced vehicle tracking across all specialist vehicles to help overcome unique challenges. Our solutions are suitable for a wide range of vehicles including refuse collection and recycling, gritters, snow ploughs, sweepers, gully suckers, quad bikes and grass cutters, delivering measurable business and operational benefits and improvements.


• Routing and scheduling
• PTO / Event tracking
• Real-time activity monitoring
• Dedicated historical reporting

• Reduce fuel costs
• Proof of work
• Increased asset utilisation
• Enhanced health and safety

Specialist Vehicle

Using our range of specialist vehicle tracking systems, local authorities and third-party maintenance operators are now be able to adopt advanced solutions that will help reduce operational costs, improve utilisation, enhance health and safety, increase service levels and protect against false insurance claims.

Many specialist vehicles have extremely low efficiency, so it is essential to keep mileage to a minimum and boost fuel economy by having complete visibility that these vehicles are being driven responsibly and are not deviating from the most effective routes or making unscheduled stops. Meanwhile, PTO (Power Take Off) / event tracking offers an effective means of monitor and measuring additional vehicle-related activities and peripheral equipment usage such as bin / skip lifts, emergency lights, gritting systems, tyre compressors, cranes and safety equipment.

Product screen shots

 thumb thumb Ctrack Online Map View    thumb thumb Ctrack Temperature Log Report
Ctrack Online Map View   Ctrack Temperature Log Report

What our customers say

 UBU Environmental

“The Ctrack system gives us that added visibility and control over our resources to best utilise our assets and workforce.”

Eddie Murphy, UBU Environmental

 Clare co council logo

“The Ctrack system will help us provide an efficient, reliable and quality service during the road making season in the Summer months and during the Winter months when we have to provide cold weather maintenance services. We selected Ctrack Online because of its flexibility, which means it can be accessed by multiple office-based staff through any computer or via a mobile device.”

Clare County Council


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