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Ctrack is able to enhance street cleaning operations by providing advanced vehicle tracking for the latest sweeper technology. Whether you are cleaning roads, pavements or other pedestrian area, we can help cut down on running costs, reduce the carbon footprint and improve the productivity of resources.


•   Live visibility of sweeper assets
   Capture vehicle and equipment activity data
   Dedicated historical reporting
   Operational overview and individual asset reports                        

   Proof of work
   Lower operation overheads
   Increased utilisation of resources
   Reduce environmental impact                       

Integrating PTO sensors with tracking unit means it is possible to capture data from a wide range of vehicle-related and equipment activities. Therefore, it is possible monitor brush position, sweeper usage and forward/reverse gears to have a complete picture of resources in the field. Our solution works with a number of leading sweeper brands including Aebi and Schmidt.

Suitable for a number of leading brands such as Aebi and Schmidt


Dedicated summary and sweeper activity reports provide added insight into the historical performance of your fleet, demonstrating proof of work along with asset by asset productivity information. This allows you to analyse the effectiveness of your operation and identify areas of improvement.

Product Screen Shots

Movement Report



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