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Winter Maintenance


Ctrack’s winter maintenance tracking solution helps local authorities and contractors to effectively clear ice and snow from the transport network, minimising delays and disruption while better protecting road users.


   Complete visibility and control of assets
   Capture live operational data contained in onboard system
   Real-time reporting of status and activity
   Summary of asset utilisation                  

   Proof of work
   Increased asset utilisation
   Reduce insurance claims
   Achieve legal compliance

Our winter maintenance tracking system, suitable for Econ and Schmidt gritting vehicles and snow ploughs, has been integrated with the control boxes to monitor a wide range of critical operational parameters such as spread width, rate and pattern along with snow plough activity. As a result, it is now possible to gritting and snow plough status in real-time by accessing data previously only stored on the vehicle’s control system, enabling operators to make live decisions to optimise fleet performance, enhance, and have peace of mind that operational requirements are being met.

Suitable for Econ and Schmidt gritting vehicles and snow ploughs


Meanwhile, a dedicated suite of reports provide added insight into all aspects of the operation and an overview of workflow. This not only supports an increase in the productivity of winter maintenance assets by identifying areas of underperformance and potential improvements to vehicle routes, but also provides evidence of completed work and supporting vehicle data in event of any legal disputes or insurance claims.

Product Screen Shots

 Thumbnail-GritterSummaryReport    Thumbnail-GritterDetailReport
Gritter Summary Report   Gritter Detail Report


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